Corporate Sales

Utilise our team of highly qualified and motivated professionals to plan and execute your exit strategy

Grosvenor Corporate help businesses achieve their strategic exit goals throughout the process of selling a business. We can provide valuable advice and support throughout the various stages of a transaction, from planning and target identification to negotiation, completion, and integration.


The Grosvenor team can help business owners who want to sell their company by confidentially sourcing potential buyers, conducting financial analysis and valuation, preparing marketing materials, facilitating due diligence, and negotiating the best terms and price. 


Utilising our extensive network we will evaluate the synergies and risks of other organisations who are seeking to acquire, facilitate and structure the deal, and ensure a smooth exit transition.


Grosvenor consultants and our panel of advisors have specialised knowledge and skills in finance, accounting, law, strategy, and industry dynamics and processes. We also have access to a network of contacts and resources which can facilitate the deal-making process. We therefore are able to help a business owner maximise the value of the transaction and avoid the many common pitfalls and challenges.


By working alongside Grosvenor Corporate, a business owner can benefit from our expertise and experience in handling complex and critical negotiations and transactions.  The team at Grosvenor can save time and money for the business owner by streamlining the process and reducing the workload. It is our aim to become your trusted partner and advisor in your quest to realise your ambitions through successful exit strategy implementation.

The Sale and Exit Process

- Let's Explore How it Works

The process of selling a business in the context of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involves several stages that require careful planning and execution. Here are the critical steps where a seller should utilise Grosvenor Corporate's expertise to ensure a successful M&A deal:

- Creating an Exit strategy

The seller should have a clear vision of why they want to sell their business, when, what they expect to gain from the deal, and who are their potential buyers. The seller should also consider the timing, structure, and valuation of the deal.  Planning is key in order to achieve the highest possible returns.


- Building a database of targets 

The seller should work with Grosvenor to thoroughly research and identify potential buyers that match their sale criteria, such as industry, size, location, availability of funds, and future potential. The team will also assess the compatibility and synergies between the business and the target buyers.


- Deciding the criteria to evaluate target purchasers

The seller should narrow down their list of target buyers based on more detailed information, such as financial performance, strategic fit, cultural fit, and reputation. The seller should also rank the targeted buyers according to their attractiveness and feasibility.


- Making initial contact with targets 

On behalf of the seller Grosvenor Corporate will confidentially approach the selected target buyers, providing a teaser document or an information memorandum that provides an overview of the business and highlights its value proposition. Grosvenor will ensure that the all parties enter into a legally binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the client and their confidential information.


- Evaluating target buyers

On behalf of the seller the Grosvenor team will provide more detailed information to potential buyers who express interest in the deal, such as historical and projected financial statements, business plans, customer lists, and contracts. Grosvenor will on behalf of the client also respond to any questions or requests from the target buyers and negotiate the key terms of the deal, such as price, payment method, and closing conditions.


- Negotiating sale price/offer 

The seller, with assistance from Grosvenor Corporate will evaluate the offers from the target buyers and select the best one based on their valuation analysis, due diligence findings, and strategic objectives. The seller will work with Grosvenor to prepare a letter of intent (LOI) or Heads of Terms that outlines the main terms and conditions of the deal and indicates their commitment to proceed with the transaction and a period of exclusivity will be granted for negotiations and due diligence.


- Conducting due diligence 

The seller should, with assistance from Grosvenor Corporate, cooperate with the target buyer in conducting a thorough investigation of the business, covering all aspects such as financial, legal, operational, and human resources. The seller will verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the target buyer and Grosvenor will assist in resolving any issues or concerns that arise during the due diligence process.


- Finalising purchase and sale contracts 

The seller assisted by the team at Grosvenor and legal experts will review and sign the definitive sale and purchase agreement that formalises the deal and contains all the representations, warranties, covenants, indemnities, and closing documents. The seller should also complete any pre-closing obligations and conditions and close the deal.


By following these stages of a business sale in the M&A process, the seller can will work with Grosvenor Corporate to maximize their chances of achieving a successful outcome that meets their expectations and goals.


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